Why Signing A Lottery Ticket Is A Good Idea

In November of 2011, anyone in Connecticut gained a Powerball prize worth extra than $254 million. An unidentified individual attempted to say it, but stated that he lost the price ticket. D’oh!

If this character simply did win the Powerball jackpot legitimately, i’m hoping that he at least signed his price ticket. Why? Signing a lottery price tag is a superb idea. maybe he lost the price ticket. If this is the case, he might by no means discover it. however, perhaps the price ticket became stolen from him. If it become stolen, at the least the thief would not be capable of coins the ticket if it already had a signature on it.

prevailing the lottery, for most of the people, is a as soon as-in-a-lifetime event. You generally do not get a 2nd danger to win a large jackpot. this is why it is important to shield your lotto tickets from the start. it is continually a great concept to signal your tickets as quickly as you buy them, simply in case.

In fact, a few lottery organizations have now made it obligatory for tickets to be signed before cashing them. That rule even applies to the small secondary prizes. Why could they institute this kind of rule? it is because lottery fraud is reasonably common.

recollect this situation: You visit the store with a bunch of old tickets. You ask the cashier to test them for you. One-by means of-one, the cashier checks your tickets, till she comes across a jackpot winner well worth tens of millions of bucks. with out you noticing, she switches the prevailing ticket with some other price ticket below the counter that she continues there for just this sort of purpose. Then she continues the prevailing ticket and claims it for herself. This situation wouldn’t be feasible if the tickets were signed.

do not think this state of affairs can show up? properly, it has, normally. In California, a television news show secretly filmed a person going into numerous shops with prevailing tickets, handiest to have the cashier’s thieve them after having them checked. In Ontario, many retailers were charged with this as well. The worst part of all this is that there are hundreds, perhaps heaps, of people that won the lottery that don’t even realize it – and that they by no means will.

As you may see, signing your lottery tickets is a good concept. All it takes is a few seconds. So clutch a pen and positioned your signature on them right away when they’re bought. i am positive the Connecticut Powerball winner now desires he had carried out so!